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Rollingstock Components
Established - 1990

Sigra has a wide range of airbrake fittings and accessories available to the Australian market.All items are price competitive and are in many cases ex-stock for short lead times. Our expertise and experience in air delivery systems means that we can provide solutions to meet your specific needs. Our range of fittings and accessories include:


Dummy Couplings
Sigra also stocks a full range of Dummy Couplings

(suit FP3, FP4, FP5, #3 and #4 heads).  

Bracket Couplings

Also available are Sigra manufactured 60 ° Bracket Couplings
for use on locomotives.

Isolating Cocks

Sigra also offers a full range of Isolating Cocks in Cut-Out,

Vented and Non-Vented, LH or RH configurations.

Continuity Tester (Brakeman’s Test Gauge)

DCFP5-CT couples to standard FP5 and FP4 brake hose

coupling heads.0-800 kPa rubber protected gauge and 1/4”

ball valve for quick release of air pressure.

Also available to suit FP3, #3 CP & #4 IRP coupling heads.

UDE Hose (Undesired Emergency)

UDE hoses are installed in place of Intercar airbrake hose

assemblies for fault finding purposes. The transparent hose

has an orange ribbon fixed internally at one end which will

point to the origin of an undesired emergency caused by

triggering of an emergency valve in AAR type brake systems.

Brake Valve Mounting Kits

A full range of brake valve mounting kits are also available

through Sigra and include all necessary orings, gaskets and


Airbrake Fittings and Accessories