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Rollingstock Components
Established - 1990
Slack Adjusters (Overhaul & New)

Our maintenance division is dedicated to overhaul, testing and adjustment or re-engineering

of railcar Slack Adjusters that are used in conventional body and truck mounted brake systems in both tension and compression scenarios.

We repair and test every Slack Adjuster according to it’s original specification, taking care to ensure they are reconditioned in accordance with AAR standards. This involves a complete disassembly and inspection, replacing any necessary parts and performing operation and load tests. All slack adjusters are repaired and tested in Sigra’s approved test rig according to OEM specifications. Each unit is then stamped “RT SIG” for reclaimed and tested as per AAR S-423.

New Slack Adjusters

Sigra also supply a range of new slack adjusters to the Australian rail industry. Slack adjusters to suit most applications are available.

Slack Adjuster racks for transport and storage are also available from Sigra. All racks are stackable and are suitable for most type of slack adjusters.

Transport and Storage