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Rollingstock Components
Established - 1990

Now available through Sigra is a range of Unipart Dorman LED Lighting, Signalling and Accessories.

MK3 Portable Tail Light (End of Train Light)

The Unipart Dorman LED MK3 Portable Tail Lamp is compliant with UK Network Rail specifications and Rail Group Standards.


End of Train Lights and Accessories

Fixed Marker/Tail Lights

Unipart Dorman Dual Aspect Red Tail / White Marker lamps are also available including:

LED Hand Lamps (3 & 4 Aspect)

As part of the Unipart Dorman range, Sigra is proud to offer 3 & 4 aspect hand lamps.

Made from high impact polycarbonate for a light yet highly durable construction, Dorman hand lamps use true signalling colours in Red, Yellow, Green and White aspects. Aspects can be easily changed using a colour selection switch.

Thanks to the use of LED’s, battery life is extended to 20 hours of continuous use and LED life is up to 10 years.

Portable Headlight (Halogen)

Also available through Sigra is Unipart Dorman’s range of portable headlights and accessories. Made from

durable polycarbonate and boasting up to 18 hours battery life, the Unipart Dorman portable head light complies

with Visibility Group Standard GM/RT 2483: Issue 1.

Headlights are supplied with re-chargable batteries and     

For more information on LED Hand lights please click here...