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Rollingstock Components
Established - 1990


Sigra is the sole authorised agent for MSA-Gimon Dampers. MSA are a major supplier

of railcar dampers in Europe and have a complete range of solutions for all Bogie types. Yaw

dampers, Vertical, Lateral, Bolster and Pantograph dampers are all available in various mounting

configurations damping rates etc. MSA also offers price competitive non-rebuildable dampers to

complement their complete range of re-buildable units. All MSA/Gimon Dampers can be

Serviced and overhauled by Sigra.                                                                                                      



Sigra is the agent for Monroe Railcar dampers in Australia and New Zealand. Monroe dampers

have been used extensively in Australia and New Zealand for Locomotives and Passenger cars

for over 40 years. There are over 20 standard dampers to suit most applications and variations of

lengths, mounting type, damping rate etc. are available. Please see our Brochure for more

information. All Monroe Dampers can be Serviced and overhauled by Sigra.                                                                                                           



Sigra is also the Australian agent for Dispen dampers. Dispen is a division of Alstom and

these dampers are currently used on Xtrapolis EMU trains as well as Citadis Trams in Melbourne.

Dispen dampers have unique internal Compensating Bellows and a patented Seal assembly

developed for current designs of Passenger car and Locomotive suspension. All Dispen Dampers      

can be Serviced and overhauled by Sigra.                                                                               


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Railcar Dampers (New)
MSA Dampers Brochure.pdf monroe.pdf Dispen Railway Dampers.pdf

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