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Rollingstock Components
Established - 1990

Sigra is the sole authorised agent for MSA-Gimon Dampers in Australia and New Zealand. MSA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of dampers for railway vehicles. Our customers have chosen and continue to choose MSA dampers for their reliability, prompt delivery and after sales service. All MSA/Gimon Dampers can be Serviced and overhauled by Sigra by our dedicated team of experienced engineers and service technicians.

The production of MSA shock absorbers covers all rail applications:

- vertical, horizontal, yaw and lateral shock absorbers for primary and secondary suspensions

- active and passive high-tech anti-slip shock absorbers for standard trains and high-speed trains

- Nonlinear shock absorbers for secondary suspensions

- shock-proof dampers

- electronic dampers

- pantograph dampers

A flexible production system and extensive experience in the implementation of different projects means that Sigra and MSA are able to customize and manufacture any damper in accordance with the application and specification, meeting even the most complex needs. In particular:

- Dimensions and geometry (open, closed, running) with a wide range of solutions to meet customer needs                   by providing the best solutions based on the features required

- Upper and lower connections with elastic elements of different types and vulcanized rubber products to

  ensure excellent reliability in radial and torsional stiffness.

- Functional tests to check damping forces according to project parameters

The shock absorber has the main function of increasing passenger comfort, but it is also an important safety element. In order to guarantee its reliability and a long period of use, strict quality checks are carried out on each unit. MSA’s manufacturing facilities are EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified, while all welding processes are carried out in accordance with EN 15085.

MSA also offers a wide range of pantograph dampers suitable for any application. Manufactured in MSA’s laboratories with very stringent tests, MSA pantograph dampers are now used by many of the worlds leading OEM’s.

Yaw dampers, Vertical, Lateral, Bolster and Pantograph dampers are all available in various mounting configurations damping rates etc. MSA also offers price competitive non-rebuildable dampers to complement their complete range. of re-buildable units.                                                                                                    



MSA-Gimon Railcar Dampers
MSA Damper Brochure Rev01 160708.pdf


Sigra is also the agent for Monroe Railcar dampers in Australia and New Zealand. Monroe dampers have been used extensively in Australia and New Zealand for Locomotives and Passenger cars for over 40 years. There are over 20 standard dampers to suit most applications and variations of lengths, mounting type, damping rate etc. are available. All Monroe Dampers can be Serviced and overhauled by Sigra.                                                                       


Dispen is a division of Alstom and these dampers are currently used on Xtrapolis EMU trains as well as Citadis Trams in Melbourne. Dispen dampers have unique internal Compensating Bellows and a patented Seal assembly developed for current designs of Passenger car and Locomotive suspension. All Dispen Dampers can be Serviced and overhauled by Sigra.                                 


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