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Rollingstock Components
Established - 1990
Railcar Damper Overhaul

Our Maintenance division is dedicated to overhaul, testing and adjustment or re-engineering

of railcar suspension dampers (shock absorbers). Many operators now have dampers and

Friction Snubbers rebuilt by Sigra to our high standards, rather than discarding and replacing

with OEM units at a much higher cost and long delivery delays. Sigra overhauls thousands

of Railcar and Locomotive dampers each year, helping to keep our customers' maintenance

programs on track.

We repair and test every damper according to its original specifications. Also certificates

of conformance as well as test logs and print outs for every damper overhauled are available
upon request. All dampers are tested using our Computer Aided Control (CAC) Damper Testing
machines. Each Force vs. Displacement chart (as below) is then inspected for irregularities and
the valving forces are set to the correct value.